• How Did Nostradamus Die?

    Also known as Nostradamus, Michel de Nostradame – a renowned prophet – was born on 14/12/1503 in St. Remy, Provence, France. In 1502, his family had indeed converted from Judaism to Christianity as an affecting result of persecution from the ascension of Louis XII. As soon as completing a classical education, Nostradamus studied astrology, medicine, […]

    Top Famous Predictions Of Nostradamus

    In order to welcome the New Year, it’s best to get a quick look back to the past times, when the most popular prognosticator in human history, Nostradamus existed. This is actually an honor to see how he could forecast the top famous predictions about the world around us. The initial set of Quatrains was […]

    How Did Nostradamus Make His Predictions?

    The most well-known prophet named Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in France. According to one reliable source, he actually came from a group of Jewish doctors and scholars. Besides, his entire family had changed from Judaism to Christianity since 1502, as an outcome of persecution on the Louis XII’s ascension. Right after one […]

    10 Nostradamus Prophecies For 2015

    Language Differences Disappear According to his prophecies for 2015, there would be no difference among languages from countries to countries. He wrote that there could be one particular invention that could help the human world to easily communicate with one another. It’s also known to be the birth of one new engine, which could help […]